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Perlana (Not sold without an on-site survey.)
Perlana Felicity Adjustable

Bed Sizes

3' (90CM)
3' 6" (100CM)
4' (120CM)
4' 6" (140CM)
5' (150CM)
6' (180CM)

Mattresses sold separately:
Other widths and lengths can be made to order - Nearest size larger +30% from base price
Other Colours and Upholstery available + 30% from base price.
All doubles (4'6" & up) can be made to work in syncronisation by replacing one handset with a syncronised cable. Prices remain the same.For example where a 4'6" bed needs to be used to move as one (large person for exmpel) then the cable replaces the handset . It is best to use a single large mattress when syncronising.
We provide 5 section mechanisms complete with motor and handset separate to our beds and these can be used in most standard sized bed bases.

Perlana Euphoria

2' 3" (68cm)
2' 6" (76cm)
3' (91cm)
Doubles (2 joined on site)
4' 6" (137cm)
5' (152cm)
6' (183cm)
other sizes can be made by joining different sizes to each other.
Mattresses sold separately

The Euphoria uses top quality joinery made, timber frames. Fitted with the same high quality, 5 section, electric mechanism, (same as the Felicity Adjustable), sitting on support rails, so if required the mechanism can be easily removed for the bed. Our corners are rounded for safety using a pre molded corner which the wooden frame fits into and is screwed and glued. Cross bracing of the timbers ensures a sturdy construction that will last for many years and the finish fits into any decor. Our beds are made so that the size measured, is the external size, so that mattresses sit on top and flush with the frame edge, this way beds can be joined together, without gap, to form independently operated double beds.

Perlana Mattresses


The Memory Foam Mattress is made from unique upper layer of high density visco‐elastic polymer gel.
Originally designed for NASA missions, it is soft and pliable following the outline of your body perfectly.
So comfortable, the mattress provides the best possible support to your spine allowing your body to
immediately find the best sleeping position, reducing tossing and turning.
The extraordinary features helps blood to flow and circulate freely, preventing the nerves and muscles
from numbing. With the HL Memory Foam Mattress available in Regular and Firm comfort and with a
soft, dry cleanable zip off cover, you are spoilt for choice.
Perlana Massage Therapy


Massage units are only available in Foam Mattresses:
BECAUSE SLEEP MATTERS implanted within the underfoam layer of any of the "MEMORY FOAM RANGE" or any of the "REFLEX FOAM RANGE". They come complete with a programable handset which
includes "Wave Masage" "Pulse Massage" "Individual Zone" and others, all with Variable Speed and
Intensity settings. Auto cut off feature after 20 minutes.







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