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Freeway Mobile Hoists

The Freeway Mobile
Hoist has been carefully
and thoughtfully
designed to meet all
lifting requirements. It
is built to exceed the
world’s toughest
standards with safety
reliability comfort and
practicality in mind.

With an exceptional
lifting range, there is a
model suitable for every
application in home or
hospital use. The totally
practical ergonomic
design makes the hoist
easy and safe to
manoeuvre as well as
simple to operate.

With many safety features,
every actuator is fitted
with an ACTU-LOG
which records hoist
usage and indicates
replacement of actuator.

The hoist has the
benefit of FREECOTE,
our unique coating
process which protects
the hoist against
damage for longevity
but also provides
protection against all
major hospital acquired
infections such as MRSA.

With a host of features the
hoist is robustly built to
provide effortless lifting for the
carer and security and comfort
for the user.

Freeway M-Series Mobile Hoists

M-Series – the new generation of Freeway mobile hoists.
They are the result of years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying hoists, combined with the knowledge gained from working closely with the professionals and caregivers who use them.

Every aspect of the M-Series has been designed to make lifting and handling easier and safer.

Its compact, ergonomic design makes it perfect for use in community or nursing


Freeway SA160 StandAid

The Freeway SA160 is the result of excellence from every source: Designed from the experience of healthcare professionals and extensive trials, the compact SA160 standaid is easy to use, comfortable and with standard unique features above any other in its class.




The SA160 is the only standaid designed for use with Chest Sling, Chest and Posterior sling and Dual purpose sling, and provides a safe dignified lift for a wide range of people.



Freeway Easy Fit System
The new Freeway Easy Fit System is light and manufactured from high strength aluminium, each part weighs no more than 12 kg.

The system is easy to transport and assemble, even limited and other systems cannot be used. It requires additional fixings or costly building modifications.
It can be used to hoist between beds, chairs and either as a temporary or permanent solution.


Freeway P-200 Portable Hoist

The new P-200 with its unique innovative design is one of the lightest portable hoists on the
market, yet it is capable of lifting up to 200 kg.

The P-200 has numerous safety features to ensure safer lifting and handling for both the client
and caregiver. Suitable for use with fixed ceiling tracks or mobile gantry systems.

The design and features of the P-200 makes it perfect for use in community or nursing environments.






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