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Scooter Canopies

Benefits of Canopies

Canopies provide two major benefits. Clearly the showers are kept on the outside, but the other major benefit is to reduce the effect of the cold wind when driving. This can affect many people, particularly those with asthma and other breathing difficulties. A canopy can be added relatively cheaply to most larger Scooters and will give Scooter users much greater comfort and flexibility. The Scooter really can be used in most weather conditions.

Deluxe Canopies


canopy frame

This shows our Deluxe two tone canopy . Sheerlines Soft-top canopies are made from heavy duty waterproof PVC polyester and are available for most 3 or 4 wheel electric Scooters that are strong enough to take them. A list of the types we currently cover will be shown later and you will need to specify accurately which make of scooter you have as each canopy has different attachment brackets and will be tailored to fit you own type precisely using computerised cutting techniques. Clear panels are cut in allowing front and rear lights to show through and rear flaps or cut outs allow access to on-off levers or built in battery chargers. De-luxe canopies come in four two tone alternatives. Always white at the top with burgundy, dark blue, dark grey or dark green panels below to match most Scooter colour schemes.We now use additional heat set taped seams inside the roofs of our de-luxe canopies to remove the small chance of water seepage in extreme weather conditions. These can now be described as virtually 100% waterproof, a milestone for flexible sewn canopies

The result is not like the car that you have been used to. In wet conditions you will experience some reduction of visibility, but remember that you will not be travelling at more than 8 mph so the problem is not too severe. Likewise you may need to carry a wash leather to wipe the inside of your screen in cold, wet conditions where in your car you would simply have turned on a de-mister.

Your instruction leaflet will also remind you to take sensible precautions in extremely windy conditions, once again the problems are not severe.

Full back up is available from our helpdesk either when fitting or subsequently. We provide a repair service for the fabric of the canopies and a comprehensive list of useful accessories and replacement parts for all canopies that we have supplied. We will require the code number of the canopy to be found on a tag by the zip at the top left of each canopy

You will see that the kits come flat packed ready for sub assembly. Note that the windscreens appear like solid glass (we are proud of the tensions that we can achieve which give good looks and great visibility), but remember that the outer cover is made of flexible fabrics with sewn joints.We cannot attach windscreen wipers to flexible screens and we cannot readily attach heaters for de-misting purposes.




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