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Etac Wheelchairs

The Cross is a cross folding wheelchair which offers a rare combination of comfort and easy manoeuvering. The backrest is infinitely adjustable in height and angle and the adjustable upholstery guarantees the best possible comfort.

Cross with drum brakes

The Cross with drum brakes is a cross folding wheelchair offering greater security for the user and the helper. The wheelchair brakes are applied from the push handles.

Cross with drum brakes is perfect for users who can’t manage an outdoor walk on their own. It offers the same adjustment possibilities for comfort and propelling as the standard Cross. The drum brake rear wheels fit in all positions, giving the best adjustment possibilities. They are equipped with quick release hubs.

Next is the introductory to the new generation of cross-folding wheelchairs. We have developed a wheelchair that simplifies the assessment pro cedure and thereby assures a better seating comfort for the user – without compromising on the functions.

The new and genious solutions include the built-in shock absorbers which make the stroll on cobbled streets smoother and more pleasant.

We don’t compromise when it comes to meeting the user’s need for a stable sitting position and an easily propelled wheelchair.
Next offers all the adjustments that you are used to seeing on an Etac wheelchair, and a few more. You avoid having to align the castor housing, and you don’t need to adjust the wheel locks or the anti-tippers. You can change the seat height in one simple operation.

To make Next even smoother to propel, the wheelchair features shock absorbers as standard. You can also combine 150 mm castors with narrow legrests.

The Cross XL is an extra wide wheelchair. It is available in various widths and can carry a user weighing up to 150 kg.

Many options with the sturdy Cross XL

The Cross XL benefits from all the options that have made the standard Cross the success it is today; several adjustment possibilities and a wide range of accessories. The backrest of Cross XL is reinforced with a cross bar, which is easy to detach when the chair is folded. All in all, this is a chair offering all the qualities and options available in the standard Cross – but for the larger user.


The Twin is a cross-folding wheelchair for people who are not totally dependent on their wheelchairs. This chair is perfect for when good quality is more important than customisation, and price is more important than refinements.

A comfortable and durable chair
The Twin is excellent in all kinds of situations. For example, when there is a need for temporary use, when the same chair is to be used by several people or when the needs of a first-time user have not yet fully ascertained. The Twin is available in four different seat widths and with a low or standard seat height. By adjusting the backrest height and angle and the seat angle the wheelchair can be set to fit the individual. Most Cross accessories will also fit the Twin.


The Act is a rigid frame wheelchair made of titanium. The combination of comfort and easy manoeuvring give the user the opportunity to live an agile and active life.

Easy to handle

The compact frame with a V-shaped front together with excellent adjustment possibilities for easy propelling and active sitting position make Act an easily manoeuvred wheelchair. Thanks to the compact frame, V-shaped front and low weight of 5.5 kg without rear wheels, Act is also very easy to get into and out of a car.

The rigid frame chair without limitations

The Elite is a rigid frame titanium wheelchair that offers more adjustments possibilities and accessories than any other lightweight wheelchair of this kind. It offers an active seating position with the best stability and comfort.

Many options and accessories

Elite has lots of adjustments, options and accessories, but is still an active, easy-to-propel titanium chair. The height-adjustable push handles, armrests and flip up footrests are just some examples of the adjustment possibilities. Both the height and depth of the footrest are adjustable, which makes Elite perfect for young people who are halfway between children’s wheelchairs and adult wheelchairs. The angle of the seat and back may be adjusted individually.

Comfortable and easily manouvered wheelchair for active children

Sting is a compact rigid frame chair for children. Both the child who can propel on its own and a helper using the height adjustable push handles will find this chair easy to manoevre.

The durable rigid frame responds to the slightest signal, which in turn permits spontaneous, active use. The option of selecting the size and position of the rear wheels give every child a personal setting suitable for his/her propelling ability.

There are many positioning adjustments such as backrest height and angle. Also the seat depth is easily adjusted by folding the upholstery. To ensure an active position, the footrest is adjustable in both height, angle and depth.


Comfortable for users and functional for helpers

Transit is a complete transportation wheelchair that is well thought-out, both for the user and for the helper. The frame's double brace makes it easy to push the chair. The walking space is generous, and the robust castors roll easily on most surfaces. Transit is comfortable to sit in because the backrest and armrests are adjustable in height and angle. The folding cross-braced lightweight frame makes Transit easy to stow in the car. The majority of options and accessories for Etac cross-folding wheelchairs also fit Transit.







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