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Power Add-ons
Power Add-ons for Wheelchairs

Quix add-on tiller Powerdrive

Quix gives you two wheelchairs in one. You can steer it like a powered scooter or raise the drive wheels with the aid of a small electric motor and push your wheelchair by hand in the normal way. The tiller can also be easily removed, making it simple to get in and out of your wheelchair.

Quix can be quickly dismantled and is very easy to transport in a car - the heaviest part weighs only 39lb. When you get to your destination Quix can be reassembled and simply docked with your wheelchair so you're ready to set off again in no time.

Designed for indoor and urban use, where there are surfaced paths and pavements, Quix lets you get out more easily; to meet up with friends and family and still maintain your independence. Indoors, Quix moves swiftly and turns on the spot, making manoeuvring child's play, especially in confined spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom. Outdoors, depending on user weight (to a maximum of around 20 stone) and driving conditions, Quix will carry you up to 9 miles on a single charge at a top speed of 3.7mph and will take gentle slopes in its stride.


E-fix E25 and E26 Powerdrives

e-fix E25 and E26 electrical add-on drives combine the benefits of both power and manual wheelchairs. With a range of more than 18 miles on a single battery charge and, with the E26, up to 25 stone user weight limit, e-fix is easily programmed to optimise driving performance and can be operated without full hand functionality. Most current manual wheelchairs can be retrofitted with e-fix, so you can continue to use a wheelchair that has been adjusted to suit you.
E25 and E26 batteries now carry a full 12 month warranty.


E-motion Powerdrive

Additional power assistance for most manual wheelchairs. Simply push and brake as normal, using the wheel or hand rims, and an electric wheel hub supports the propelling movement. Gradients and longer distances are covered with minimal exertion, relieving muscles and joints from stress, and there are programming options to suit individual driving characteristics.





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